Aggregates are classified by particle size and consistency. They can be subdivided into the categories: natural stone aggregates (sand and gravel) and crushed aggregates (stone chippings and crushed stones). Aggregates are generally available in the form of a homogeneous bulk product. The product characteristics are standardised, in order to ensure the necessary levels of reliability and processability.

Aggregates are used in a variety of industries for a range of purposes. They are a primary component in the production of concrete and asphalt, but also serve as a filter and fill material or as a basic material for road building and railway construction. Our product portfolio varies from country to country.

Development of sales volumes

At 306.4 million tonnes (previous year: 296.3), sales of aggregates were 3.4 % higher than the previous year’s level. On a like-for-like basis – i.e. excluding consolidation effects – sales volumes increased by 4.4 %. Deliveries of aggregates were above the previous year’s level in all Group areas. Western and Southern Europe recorded the strongest growth.