Heidel­berg­Cement is now Heidelberg Materials

HeidelbergCement is now Heidelberg Materials. “Heidelberg” remains as a synonym for continuity and market leadership. “Materials” replaces “Cement” and stands for an innovative portfolio of sustainable and intelligent building materials as well as digital solutions. 

In the first step, the rebranding started at Group level, where the new brand identity “Heidelberg Materials” was introduced on 20 September 2022. From 2023 onwards, the rebranding is gradually implemented at domestic and international subsidiaries. Unless expressly indicated otherwise, the terms “Heidelberg Materials”, “Group”, “we” or “us” used on this website refer to Heidelberg Materials in general or to the Group, respectively.

The parent company of Heidelberg Materials is the Heidelberg Materials AG (formerly HeidelbergCement AG). The companies of Heidelberg Materials are and remain legally independent legal entities. 

Curious? You will find more on our new brand identity on our page Nice to see you.