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Our Sustainability Commitments 2030

Four areas, each area represents the Heidelberg Materials Commitments which are: Net Zero, Safe and Inclusive, Circular and Resilient, Nature Positive


In our Sustainability Commitment, we assume even more responsibility in corporate sustainability management than before. To turn words into action, we have set ourselves measurable goals from four ESG focus areas.

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Sustainability at Heidelberg Materials

Let's build a more sustainable future. Together.

  • ESG Documents and Policies

    You will find an overview of the key documents from each of the three ESG sections: Environment, Social and Governance.

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    Environment and climate

    Natural resources are the basis of our business. Our primary environmental protection objectives are to protect the climate, preserve resources, reduce emissions, and have the lowest possible impact on the environment at our quarry and production facilities.

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    Ratings and Rankings

    Sustainability ratings and rankings assess and compare the sustainability performance of companies. They play an increasingly important role in the evaluation of companies in the capital market. More and more market participants are particularly interested in the ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) performance of companies. HeidelbergCement is represented in some of these ESG indices and rankings.

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    Social Responsibility

    Good cooperative relationships with the communities in the areas where we are active are indispensable for our business operations and one of the keys to our business success. In these areas, we establish business contacts, capitalise on local know-how, and maintain a dialogue with our neighbours.

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    Governance and Compliance

    At Heidelberg Materials, sustainable management means pursuing revenue opportunities while never losing sight of the future health of our business. We always weigh the social and environmental impacts of our activities.