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…that in the future, building materials will be part of the solution.

…our products enabling people around the world to live in more sustainable cities. Learn in decarbonised schools, recover in resource-efficient hospitals and live in 3D-printed homes.

Find out here what our path to a net-zero future looks like.

Sustainability Commitments 2030

Our Compass and Roadmap

At Heidelberg Materials, we pursue a consistent sustainability strategy. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) shape our strategy and sustainability commitments. Our Sustainability Commitments 2030 form the basis for our sustainability activities.

We are proud to have the most ambitious portfolio in the industry and to be a pioneer in this area. Our efforts are not limited to business processes and figures, but are reflected in all our actions. We are determined to build a more sustainable future.

Our Sustainability Commitments 2030 cover topics under four headings: Net-Zero, Circular & Resilient, Safe & Inclusive, and Nature Positive.

We continuously monitor the achievement of our sustainability commitments. We are convinced that sustainability is a common goal in which everyone should participate and contribute.

Net-Zero Future

We drive the decarbonisation of our sector and provide low-carbon products.

Circular & Resilient Future

We drive circularity to recycle and reuse materials and reduce the use of natural resources.

Safe & Inclusive Future

We place the health and wellbeing of employees, communities, and suppliers at the core of our business operations.

Nature Positive Future

We contribute to a nature positive world through our industry-leading biodiversity programme and sustainable water management.

Four areas, each area represents the Heidelberg Materials Commitments which are: Net Zero, Safe and Inclusive, Circular and Resilient, Nature Positive

We decarbonise the construction industry

Cement and concrete will play an important role in the infrastructure of the future. At Heidelberg Materials, we are working to decarbonise them by using innovative carbon capture and storage technologies. We are developing alternative binders to reduce the CO₂ intensity of concrete. We are committed to a functioning circular economy by focusing on resource efficiency, co-processing of waste materials and concrete recycling.

Learn how 3D printing enables a new way of building that offers less material and waste, higher construction speed and process efficiency, and greater safety and design freedom.

How we save and avoid CO₂ and materials

Sustainability beyond CO₂ reduction

In addition to CO₂, sustainability has many other aspects for us: occupational safety, responsible procurement, biodiversity and human rights are just a few of them.

We aim to make a positive contribution to society. We are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and have set a target for 25% of all leadership positions to be filled by women. 

Find out more about how we are working for a nature positive future and contributing to a better world through our biodiversity programme and sustainable water management.

What we do for society and the environment