Being one of the world’s largest building materials companies requires having a resilient and trustworthy supplier network. We at Heidelberg Materials believe in strong partnerships that focus on operational excellence, cost and quality leadership but also go beyond pure business requirements by increasing transparency and sustainability along our value chain.

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Group Procurement

Heidelberg Materials AG Berliner Straße 6
69120 Heidelberg

Suppliers and Partners

Good partnerships are built on the basis of professional and trusting cooperation. This is why a good interaction with our supplier network is in focus for all our procurement teams around the globe.

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Responsible Procurement

At Heidelberg Materials we emphasize the importance of responsibility and sustainability in all our activities. This includes of course also our supplier network.

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Innovation and Procurement

We unleash innovation by collaborating with suppliers, selecting innovative materials, products and services, and adapting our processes to a world that is in constant change. Here are a few examples of innovative projects we realized with some of our suppliers and partners:  

Heidelberg Materials is building the first industrial-scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) project in the industry.

A solar park surrounded by fields and trees

Together with selected partners we invest heavily into increasing the availability of green energy.

Man sitting in front of many screens in a control room

Heidelberg Materials’ ambition to become the first industrial tech company in the sector builds on own and supplier-driven innovations.