Suppliers and Partners

As an international company, we have suppliers supporting our activities worldwide. At Heidelberg Materials we want to ensure that our partners share our long-term vision, which is to strive for operational excellence while acting in an ecologically and socially responsible manner. Therefore, we carefully select our suppliers to build a sustainable and resilient supply chain.

Process for potential suppliers

  1. Becoming a potential supplier

    Potential suppliers will get an invitation to register on our sourcing, and supplier management system SAP Ariba

    Find below more information on the registration process and the system. 

  2. Supplier Management

    Heidelberg Materials performs a supplier management consisting of different steps depending on the situation at hand. For instance, in addition to asking for acceptance of our Supplier Code of Conduct we approach suppliers with self-assessments that can include technical qualification questions, but also questions on ESG criteria like human rights, environmental practices, carbon emission reduction, Occupational Health and Safety as well as corporate governance and compliance. 

    If needed, suppliers go through a more detailed qualification process that ensures their competence (quality) and competitiveness (performance). This is done by assessing certificates and/or audits. A good score as a result of these assessments can help suppliers to position them better in e-Tenders and e-Auctions (see step 3).

    For more details on Sustainability and Procurement visit the dedicated page Responsible Procurement.
  3. e-Tenders and e-Auctions

    We manage e-Tenders and e-Auctions via our global sourcing system SAP Ariba. For suppliers that want to participate in these sourcing events a successful registration is mandatory (see step 1).

Quick Guides to our supplier management and sourcing system SAP Ariba

Our sourcing activities, risk management, and supplier relationship management are consolidated in the SAP Ariba platform.

The system helps to streamline our strategic procurement processes, resulting in a leaner and more efficient process for both our suppliers and buyers. The platform provides mechanisms to qualify and evaluate suppliers when required, ensuring that they meet all the company’s compliance, quality, and performance requirements.

How to register to SAP Ariba: 

After getting our invitation email, you as potential supplier can start the lean 2-step registration process by simply following the link in your invitation email:

  1. Create an account on the SAP Business Network: An account on the SAP Business Network is a general prerequisite to register with Heidelberg Materials. If your company is already registered on this network, you can skip this step.
    See example video on YouTube
  2. Link your SAP Business Network supplier profile with Heidelberg Materials: Once the first step has been completed, you will find our request under the tab Proposals and Questionnaires. After filling in the Heidelberg Materials questionnaire and accepting our Terms & Conditions for using the system as well as our Supplier Code of Conduct, your supplier profile will be ready for invitations to tenders. Please note: The Terms & Conditions in this step are ONLY for using the system and do not cover any commercial terms for procurement contracts.
    See example video on YouTube

Supplier training videos on how to use the SAP Ariba Platform

Please check out the following training videos on how to get started on the platform.

More training materials are available in the SAP Ariba Help Center on YouTube. In case you have issues opening the videos, please find them in our Ariba video section