Heidelberg Materials' Managing Board

At present, there are nine members on the Managing Board of Heidelberg Materials AG: in addition to the Chairman of the Managing Board and the Chief Financial Officer, there are four members of the Managing Board with regional responsibilities and three further members with responsibility for sustainability, digitalisation and technology.

Dr Dominik von Achten standing, in dark blue suit and white shirt
Dr. Dominik von Achten
René Aldach in a dark blue suit and a white shirt
René Aldach
Roberto Callieri in a blue suit and a white shirt
Roberto Callieri
Axel Conrads in blue suit and white shirt
Axel Conrads
Hakan Gurdal in a dark suite and a light blue shirt
Hakan Gurdal
Dr Nicola Kimm in a dark blue trouser suit
Dr. Nicola Kimm
Dennis Lentz in a grey suit and light blue shirt
Dennis Lentz
Jon Morrish in light grey jacket, dark blue trousers and light blue shirt
Jon Morrish
Chris Ward in a dark suite and a white shirt
Chris Ward