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Hello Future

Find out what makes working at Heidelberg Materials special!

With 51,000 employees in more than 50 countries, the global marketplace is our home. And while we've grown immensely in past decades, we remain true to our founding values. Ultimately, we think globally while acting locally. Most of our business activities have a strong local character – and are shaped by our employees on-site.

This means that talented and ambitious individuals have excellent opportunities for taking on responsibility in our subsidiaries and enjoy great freedom of action.

There are many other benefits of working at Heidelberg Materials, such as an atmosphere of togetherness in which people know and rely on each other, attractive remuneration and international development opportunities. Last but not least, occupational safety is a top priority for us.

All of this makes working at Heidelberg Materials so attractive!
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Corporate culture at Heidelberg Materials

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Teamwork as the key to success

Our corporate culture is characterized by trusting teamwork, a strong customer focus, creativity and a willingness to innovate, as well as sustainable thinking and action.

We are aware of our responsibility towards our employees, customers and investors, but especially towards society and the environment. We set ourselves ambitious ecological and societal goals.

These are summarized in the 
Sustainability Commitments 2030.

Our four cultural principles guide us in our day-to-day work

Be stronger together and push forward!

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Our future needs teamwork. We perform at our best when we build on our global strength. Let’s combine our forces across all regions. With our hands-on attitude, we can overcome any challenge.

Unleash innovation! 

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Our future needs creativity. Let’s use our freedom to go in new directions. Inventiveness knows no hierarchy. A great idea can come from anywhere and anyone. Own it and push it. 

Get the customer excited!

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Our future needs strong players. Let’s become even better partners for our customers. Their success is our success. We solve their problems. Even before they arise.

Think and act long-term! 

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Our future needs solutions that last. That’s what we offer. Reliable and sustainable materials. Let’s be the leader that turns our industry co₂-neutral. Once and for all.

Heidelberg Materials

Heidelberg Materials

Talent Management

Qualified and motivated employees are an important prerequisite for the success of Heidelberg Materials. Identifying our employees’ talents and developing them is therefore at the core of the Group-wide personnel policy. With employee performance assessments, leadership development measures, and systematic succession planning, we aim to:

  • fill key positions worldwide with top-class candidates from within the business
  • develop top talent at Heidelberg Materials in a targeted way
  • retain employees in the Group for the long term by means of personalised development planning
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When putting together teams of employees, it is our Group-wide personnel policy to prioritise diversity. 

We understand diversity as a management concept that brings together people with different cultures, personalities, skills and experiences in such a way as to reflect the international and multiform character of our markets, our customer base and our business environment. We achieve this goal with the following measures:

  • Local country management and therefore an international management team
  • An international workforce at the Group headquarters
  • A complementary composition of management and other teams (internationality, expertise, experience, age, sexual orientation, etc.)
  • Women in management positions reflecting the proportion of women in the total workforce in Germany

Our goal is to attract and advance highly qualified and committed employees around the world who can bring various social and professional skills to our company and thus contribute to our business success.

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