Do you know how it feels to make an impact? At Heidelberg Materials you can. We need experts who can help us design, build and deliver the digital services and global products that will lead the way in shaping the building materials' industry. Sounds like a challenge? Then join us and let's work together. 

Check out our teams, strategy, and the benefits of a digital career at Heidelberg Materials and help us change an industry.

We would not be where we are today without the energy our employees have given to the digital transformation over the past few years.

With cross-functional teams, agile ways of working, and the desire to understand our business and our customers' needs, we will generate more ideas and accelerate our digital innovations.

Join us on this journey!

Dennis Lentz, Member of the Managing Board & Chief Digital Officer


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James Weelen

Success Story – James Weelen

Bringing an international career to headquarters in Heidelberg

James Weelen started his career at Heidelberg Materials in the UK and held various positions such as Project Manager, Head of Supply Chain, and IT Director. In 2019, he and his family got the opportunity to move to Heidelberg, Germany, where he took over the position of Head of Customer Engagement & Business Systems. Learn more about his outlook on a digital future at Heidelberg Materials.

Meet our Teams

Each of our teams bring distinct skills, experiences and personalities to our Digital Department and the overall digital strategy at Heidelberg Materials. 

Learn more about our teams, their working styles, goals and deliverables, and the characteristics that make them unique. Where would you fit in best? 

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Customer Engagement & Business Systems

Representing the business within our Digital team, we provide strategic direction and roadmaps for all solutions and support their technical delivery. We maintain close relationships with all Group areas and functions to ensure that the IT products and services are evolving in line with the needs of our global business. Streamlined and high quality implementation of the needed products and services is handled in our product areas. 

Our team members have strong strategic thinking and good communication skills, love to develop relationships with customers and are passionate about improving the caliber of our business. 

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Infrastructure & Operations

We are the beating heart of IT by enabling our colleagues with highly automated but customisable and top-quality core technologies. Our infrastructure engineers can define the current and future needs of our company, such as modern workspaces, seamless hosting experiences, and private and public cloud offerings, and realising them using state-of-the-art infrastructure. 

Our team members are curious at heart, passionate about technology, and want to transform Heidelberg Materials IT into a lean, fast and responsive powerhouse. 

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Data & Software Engineering

We are a diverse team of Software Engineers, QA Engineers, Business System Analysts, Data Engineers and Data Scientists, working along agile principles and processes. 

The team is responsible for the custom development of web and mobile applications. With our tech solutions we want to build the future by evolving our business processes to become globalised, paperless and contactless. At the same time, our Data Scientists try to predict the future with more sophisticated methods than regular fortune tellers can offer. ​ 

We are thrilled about solving problems and are tech nerds to the core with supportive and user centred mindsets. If you love to do different things every single day and are open to change, then you are probably the right fit for our team! We have a strong team culture and love to be creative and tackle new challenges. 

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Change Management

Heidelberg Materials is undergoing a huge digital transformation across all business lines and operations. We enable our teams to implement and adopt digital solutions, to reach the next level of agile working, and to support the behaviour and mindset changes necessary to make this transformation a global success. 

Our team members are creative, hands-on, and outgoing people who want to join and lead the digital transformation journey. 

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UX & Analytics

We are curious and creative people from various industries and backgrounds. Putting ourselves in the shoes of our users is what we do for a living. We love to understand the problem and try not to jump into solution mode too quickly.

Through global yet pragmatic user research, we seek an active dialogue with our customers at construction and production sites. Along with the nuggets of knowledge gained from the synthesis of our research, we use quantitative measurement of our end users’ activities on our digital products to form tangible and strategic directions for our product teams. We truly believe that providing the best experience for our customers requires a deep understanding of the end-user’s needs and a relentless drive to meet them.

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Finance & Governance

Providing a basis for decision-making based on the financial impact, allocating costs to products and customers and preparing as well as steering the IT budget globally are our core tasks. 

In this team it is all about numbers - so you should definitely love them! But we also care about the story behind the numbers and about our people. Our team members have an analytical mind, work well with structure and are team players. 

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Our company not only wants to reduce the environmental footprint of our cement plants, but also fundamentally change the way we do business. HProduce is at the forefront of these efforts, creating value by innovating and applying new technologies to our core business. We roll out new digital solutions, engage our local teams across the world and drive the rapid adoption of our digital products. 

Our team is fast-paced, creative, and user-focused and follows a data-driven approach. 

Employees in Spotlight

What's it like to work in a digital career at Heidelberg Materials? Hear directly from some of our employees about their day-to-day work, what excites them the most, and why working for an industrial company brings unique digital challenges.

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HConnect - end-to-end experience for our customers

HConnect: researched, designed, and developed in-house

With HConnect, we are changing the industry by providing customer-centric tools that our customers can't work without. Check out the video about the digital products, OnSite and Hub. 

Our digital strategy

Your digital career: What can you expect? 

Flexible working hours

International relocation support (visa, temporary housing, moving expenses)

Team events

Modern workspaces at our new headquarters

Personalised remote working options

Latest and impressive technology stack

International and cross-functional teams

Monthly learning days, conference visits and other training options

Work with agile methodologies

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