Heidelberg Materials Spain strengthens production of low-carbon cement and closes clinker production at Añorga plant

Heidelberg Materials has decided to stop clinker production at its Añorga plant in Northern Spain. Going forward, Heidelberg Materials Spain will centre all activities at the site on its end product cement continuing to operate the plant as a grinding facility.  

The adjustment will enable the company to further align its cement portfolio and focus on the production of cement with reduced clinker resulting in a broad range of sustainable products for customers in Spain and the South-West of France. The range will include low-carbon evoBuild® products as well as other innovative products in the future. The clinker required to supply the markets in Northern Spain and the South-West of France will be produced at Heidelberg Materials Spain’s neighboring Bilbao plant.

The shift in operations at the Añorga plant is planned to come into effect at the completion of social plan negotiations which are about to start. Socially acceptable solutions for all affected employees are being sought, including redeployment offerings to other sites of the company in Spain. In doing so, Heidelberg Materials Spain is working closely with its social partners, local authorities, and government bodies.

Contributing to Heidelberg Materials’ ambitious global climate strategy, the initiative will allow Heidelberg Materials Spain to significantly accelerate its dedicated CO₂ reduction roadmap.

On a global scale, Heidelberg Materials has set targets to reduce specific net CO₂ emissions per tonne of cementitious material by 47% by 2030 compared to 1990. The Group aims to generate 50% of its revenue from sustainable products that are either low-carbon or circular by 2030. By 2050 at the latest, Heidelberg Materials plans to achieve net zero emissions across its entire product portfolio.

Christoph Beumelburg

Christoph Beumelburg

Group Spokesman, Director Group Communication & Investor Relations

Heidelberg Materials AG Berliner Straße 6
69120 Heidelberg