Ratings and Rankings

ESG factors are becoming increasingly important in investment decisions, and the market for  sustainable investments is growing steadily. The interest of our shareholders, financial analysts, and ESG rating agencies reflects this.

In 2022, we developed an ESG rating strategy that describes our future direction and successful positioning in the ESG ratings market. We provide data to rating agencies such as CDP, ISS ESG, MSCI, S & P, and Sustainalytics, and regularly analyse and evaluate the relevance and importance of different ratings. They are a valuable tool for identifying best practices and optimisation potential. In particular, the performance of Heidelberg Materials in the categories of environmental management systems, stakeholder dialogue, and business ethics was assessed positively in several ratings.


In the CDP sustainability rating, Heidelberg Materials received a classification of B for Climate Change and A- for Water in 2022.

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In March 2020, our share was added to the newly launched index DAX 50 ESG.


We are a member of the FTSE4Good index family.

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ISS ESG Corporate Rating

In the ISS ESG Corporate Rating, Heidelberg Materials has a score of C+ and is thus authorised to use the ISS ESG Prime Label.

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Moody’s ESG Solutions

In the rating by Vigeo Eiris, Moody’s ESG rating unit, Heidelberg Materials received an overall score of 63 in October 2021, placing it among the three best-rated out of 25 companies in the building materials sector.

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In 2022, Heidelberg Materials was again graded AA in the MSCI ESG Ratings.

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S & P Global

Heidelberg Materials regularly takes part in the S & P Corporate Sustainability Assessment, achieving a score of 78 in 2022, five points more than in the previous year.

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In Sustainalytics’ ESG Risk Rating, Heidelberg Materials achieved a 27.7 score in November 2022, placing it in the medium risk category.

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