Earnings per share

During the past financial year, Heidelberg Materials launched a share buyback programme for the first time in the company’s history, with a volume of up to €1 billion and a term ending on 30 September 2023. The 5,324,577 shares repurchased within the first tranche correspond to approximately 2.68% of the share capital and were initially held as treasury shares. In January 2022, all shares that were acquired within the first tranche were cancelled which led to a reduction in the total number of shares to 193,091,900.

Earnings per share in accordance with IAS 33 for the 2021 financial year was €8.91 (previous year: -10.78). Earnings per share adjusted for the additional ordinary result and the non-recurring deferred tax effects in connection with the sale of the business activities in the West region in the USA amounts to €7.91 (previous year: 6.88). The calculation of the earnings per share pursuant to IAS 33 is shown in the following table. To determine the average number of shares, additions are weighted in proportion to time.




Group share of profit in €m



Number of shares in ’000s (weighted average)



Earnings per share in €



Net income from continuing operations in €m – attributable to the parent entity



Earnings per share in € – continuing operations



Net income/loss from discontinued operations in €m – attributable to the parent entity



Loss per share in € – discontinued operations