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Experience Our Vision of Tomorrow's Building Materials Industry

Digitalisation is one of the transformational pillars to drive Heidelberg Materials into the future. But digitalisation isn't new to our company: Our digital efforts cross all our business lines and operations. We’ve been setting up the infrastructure, developing digital products and customer solutions to help us be successful at our core business for several decades. 

Our ambition is to become the first industrial tech company in the sector.

Dr. Dominik von Achten, Chairman of the Managing Board

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Changing the industry towards digitalisation

Heidelberg Materials' digital strategy focuses not only on changing the heavy building materials industry towards digitalisation but leading the way. This means that we can shape the industry towards simplicity, safety for workers, and sustainability. By leveraging the offline assets from our core business, we can pursue exciting digital opportunities to provide superior business value to our customers all over the world.

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Track the ready-mixed concrete truck on its way to your construction site with a mobile app, and keep all your invoices, tickets, and test reports in one place with our web app. 

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Thanks to data-based control, your cement is being produced in a more sustainable and efficient way that is reducing our environmental footprint and keeping our workers safe. 

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We support you to provide best-in-class customer service through our streamlined back-office processes and seamlessly connected systems. 

Digital materials to build our future


Deep Understanding of Our Customers

HConnect is our suite of digital tools for customers. Research, design and validation are led by an experienced team of UX designers and researchers to solve our customers' biggest pain points.

Highly Skilled Workforce

Over 300 software engineers, technical experts and data scientists provide solutions and support in current coding languages via third party software and in-house built apps and programs.

Cloud-Based Modern Tech Stack

Our tech stack is based on cutting-edge open source technologies with the latest programs and languages. The containerised services run all in the cloud and are spread across multiple regional clusters.

A Success Story: OnSite

Track your concrete pours in real time and manage your construction site more efficiently with the OnSite mobile app. 

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HConnect - end-to-end experience for our customers

  • Live in 8 countries: US, Canada, Australia, UK, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Netherlands
  • 14,000+ monthly active users
  • 75%+ monthly retention rate of users with orders
Business Value Impact
  • More efficient construction site organisation through in-app order management 
  • Reduction of material waste and diverted ready-mixed concrete trucks 
  • Impact on bottom line with real-time information and data 


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Interested in changing an industry? We need skilled people, like you.

Digital Careers

From airport to cement kiln: success stories on digitalisation

Digital monitoring

View from above of the circular foundation of a wind turbine, around which concrete pumps stand
Smart-built wind turbines

Frankfurt Airport