Heidelberg Materials acquired its subsidiaries in Sweden in 1999. We are the country’s market leader in cement and a major player in concrete. Our Swedish companies produce cement, ready-mixed concrete, aggregates and precast concrete products.

Our subsidiary Heidelberg Materials Cement Sverige is the only cement producer in Sweden with two plants in Slite – an island off the southeast coast – and in Skövde, in southern Sweden. The ready-mixed concrete company Heidelberg Materials Betong Sverige, precast concrete companies Heidelberg Materials Precast Abetong and Heidelberg Materials Precast Contiga and the aggregates company Heidelberg Materials Ballast Sverige have leading market positions in Sweden. 

We strive for energy efficiency in all of our activities and we substitute virgin raw materials with recycled and alternative materials whenever possible, both in the final products and as fuel in the production process. At our largest cement plant in Slite, alternative fuels now represent a major part of energy consumed. Biomass makes up a significant share of these alternative fuels.

Reference projects

Baltic Sea Science Center

An aquarium in the middle of a large interior; the aquarium tank, walls and ceiling are made out of concrete.
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Tall glass buildings tower over a modern city bordering a nearby harbour
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Skandion Clinic

Modern building with white and wood facade under a partly cloudy sky
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