Heidelberg Materials in Spain is based in Madrid and operates in the cement, concrete, and aggregates businesses. With an industrial network of

  • 2 cement plants in Northern Spain, Añorga (San Sebastián) and Arrigorriaga (Bilbao);
  • 6 aggregates sites, and
  • 4 ready-mixed concrete plants,

Heidelberg Materials holds the cement and concrete market leadership in the Basque Country, offering a wide range of innovative and low carbon products and solutions. The main markets for its aggregates business are located in Bilbao, Madrid, Zaragoza and Valladolid.

Heidelberg Materials has been active in Spain since the acquisition of Hanson's concrete and aggregates businesses in August 2007. In 2016, the company also became a prominent local player in the cement business following the acquisition of the Italcementi Group and its subsidiaries, including FYM in Spain and its well-known brand in the Basque Country, Rezola. Since 2023, all companies are working under the unique and global brand Heidelberg Materials.

Reference projects

Atlético Madrid Stadium

An under-construction stadium with scaffolding and an incomplete roof, a crane to the right, and a barren field leading to it
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Centre Pompidou Malaga

View into a wide building corridor with a reflective concrete floor and symmetrically arranged lamps in the ceiling. Four people are standing in the corridor, on the left there is a counter with a light.
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La Sagrada Família

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