With investments totalling more than €550million, Heidelberg Materials is one of the most important German investors in Romania. The Group entered the Romanian market in 1998. All of Heidelberg Materials' activities in Romania are managed by the company Heidelberg Materials România S.A., located in Bucharest.

Heidelberg Materials România is a major building materials producer in Romania, operating three cement plants:

  • Tașca near Bicaz, situated in the north-east of the country
  • Chișcădaga near Deva, located 400 km north-west of Bucharest
  • Fieni, located within the vicinity of the capital Bucharest

Besides that, it operates

  • 18 ready-mixed concrete plants, and
  • 13 quarries and ballast pits. 

Since 1998, the company’s investments in environmental protection rose to over €61 million and are aimed at implementing the most advanced standards and technologies for the reduction of noise, dust, and emissions. The alternative fuels rates have increased yearly in all three cement plants. In the Fieni plant, we have been generating electricity from kiln waste heat since July 2015. The facility has an average net output of 3.6 MW. Through these and other energy efficiency measures, the Fieni plant is able to reduce its external electricity procurement by one quarter.