Akçansa, a joint venture of Sabanci Holding and Heidelberg Materials, was founded in 1996. The company is the leading producer of cement and ready-mixed clinker in Turkey. Operating in the Marmara, Aegean, and Black Sea regions of Turkey, Akçansa produces cement at its Istanbul, Çanakkale, and Ladik plants, and operates 7 cement terminals. The company also produces ready-mixed concrete at 26 ready-mixed concrete plants under the “Betonsa” brand.

Akçansa continues to grow in line with the company's vision of sustainable growth, and with a focus on success in all markets. With its “0” accident goal policy and placing the greatest emphasis on “human”, Akçansa founded the Health & Safety Academy at its Büyükçekmece and Çanakkale plants. 

Akcansa continues producing products and solutions meeting all the demands of our customers. Solidcem is the first and only branded product produced in the ground reinforcement and sulfate-resistant cement class which has high fineness degree. Solidcem is resistant against sulfate and chemical effects, does not foam during injection in ground reinforcement projects.

At the end of Akçansa’s long-term R&D studies, the concrete specially developed for the project ‘1803 Cement’ has been developed to have a minimum service life of 100 years. The concrete produced with 1803 cement will be used in the underwater remaining parts of abutments of the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge. It is predicted that a total of 300 thousand cubic meters of ready mixed concrete will be used in the project while four ready mixed concrete plants capable of heating and cooling concrete are installed.

Within Heidelberg Materials' efforts to improve environmental protection and support local communities, a strategic role is played by implementation of efficient CSR programmes and campaigns dedicated to protecting the environment through permanent waste co-processing programmes. With its use of alternative fuels and raw materials, which are vital for protecting the environment and natural resources, as well as launching new efficiency projects, Akçansa is a sustainability leader in Turkey.  

Akçansa sets biodiversity management within the scope of our sustainability strategy. Within this scope, we held the Biodiversity Project Competition, organized by company partner Heidelberg Materials. With the “Quarry Life Award”, we collect projects contributing to the reclamation of lands and natural wild life after the mining activities back to the nature through creative, different and innovative projects to be generated by the university students and researchers, as well as increasing and developing the biodiversity in these areas.

Akçansa is the first ready-mixed concrete producer in Turkey to achieve CSC certification at the level GOLD. After the successful CSC certification of its Gebze Ready-Mixed Concrete plant, Akçansa, a joint venture of Sabancı Holding and Heidelberg Materials and one of Turkey’s leading construction material producers, decided to certify its Kemerburgaz Ready-Mixed Concrete facility operated in Istanbul under the Betonsa brand. The certification process concluded with an independent audit performed by KGS and the awarding of a CSC certificate at the level GOLD. The excellent certification result rewards Betonsa’s dedication to produce concrete in a responsible manner by applying the highest ecological and social standards, and by implementing appropriate management systems.

With the Concrete Ideas Project Competition, Akçansa both supports the education and emphasizing the importance of cement & concrete aiming to raise consciousness and awareness in youth for a better future. Akçansa has launched the social responsibility project “My Neighborhood” in December 2015 for children. With the project that Akçansa launched in cooperation with TOÇEV, Akçansa offers trainings prepared by psychologists of TOÇEV for both parents and children in Büyükçekmece, Çanakkale and Ladik inside the specially designed “AKÇANSA MOBILE EDUCATION CENTRE” in closed groups. With the project, Akçansa had been in touch with 40,000 people.

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