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Africa-Mediterranean-Western Asia

Heidelberg Materials currently operates in 15 countries in the Africa-Mediterranean-Western Asia Group area. We hold leading market positions in our core business lines cement, aggregates, and ready-mixed concrete, both in our countries in the Mediterranean Basin and in Africa. This region is experiencing a high level of growth, driven mainly by demand for infrastructure and long-term trends such as strong population growth and urbanisation. In this Group area, we have a well-balanced and geographically diversified portfolio of countries with different maturity levels.

Cement capacities

Africa-Mediterranean-Western Asia Million tonnes
Egypt 9.3
Benin 0.6
Burkina Faso 1.4
DR Kongo 0.8
Ghana 4.3
Liberia 0.7
Morocco 5.9
Mozambique 0.3
Tanzania 3.5
Togo 1.6
Kazakhstan 4.1
Russia 4.7
Total 37.1
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