Procurement and Suppliers

As Heidelberg Materials we do emphasise the importance of responsible sourcing and supplier sustainability in all our procurement activities along our Sustainability Commitments 2030.

Responsible Procurement is an integrated part of Heidelberg Materials' strategic objectives

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You find here the key information and policies [see Downloads] on Heidelberg Materials' Global Procurement and reference on how to become a potential supplier or address your topics.

Global Procurement Categories:
  • Refractories & Castings
  • Electricity, Gas, Coal & Fuels
  • Grinding Balls
  • Yellow Machines
  • Lab Equipment
  • Packaging
  • Mechanical Equipment
  • RMC Machinery
  • Aggregates Machinery
  • Admixtures
  • IT & Indirect Spend
  • Direct Services 
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Alternative Fuels & Alternative Raw Materials
  • Explosives

Group Procurement

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