Young man at a desk with laptop, screen, keyboard and headset

Dual study programme at Heidelberg Materials: International, diverse, and digital!

My dual study programme ended in September 2021 after three years. It's time to look back on what I've experienced and pass on my experiences.

Why Heidelberg Materials?

When I applied at the time, Heidelberg Materials stood out for me for two main reasons: The company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of building materials. That gave me the security of a crisis-proof job. Secondly, Heidelberg Materials offered me the opportunity to freely choose my assignments during the practical phases and thus to work in many different departments. Since I wasn't sure which direction I wanted to take after graduation, that was very convenient for me. In the end, I worked in six different departments. This also had the advantage that I was able to get to know many colleagues from different areas.

Think globally – act locally

Heidelberg Materials is an internationally operating company. From the first practical phase, I was able to work directly with colleagues in other countries. Here I was able to use and improve my English skills. I also had the opportunity to travel. During my assignment in the IT department Germany, I went to the concrete plant in Ellenberg. Here I was also able to gain insights into the (digital) everyday life of our employees. 

Creatively into the digital future

Heidelberg Materials wants to clearly set itself apart from the competition in the future with the topics of digitalization and sustainability. The building materials industry is not exactly known as a pioneer in either area. But Heidelberg Materials is breaking new ground here. Everyone is aware that our environment is undergoing major changes and that we need to find new ways to master external challenges. Work methods that performed well for decades are now being replaced by new solutions. New and creative ideas are needed to meet these challenges. This willingness to evolve can also be seen in the organization.

Varied daily routine

In the global IT department HDigital, for example, there is a Training and Learning Day every first Friday of the month. On this day, every employee can take a few hours to learn something new. Colleagues show their new developments here, which means that the individual employee also knows what is currently happening in other areas. This time is also used to present new tools for everyday work. There are also presentations by external guests who share their experiences and assessments on specific topics. This also brings new ideas to the organization and allows it to continuously develop.

My personal highlight in the past three years was the SAP rollout, which I supported on site at a concrete plant in Rhineland-Palatinate. Here I was also able to pass on my knowledge directly and train several drivers in the use of an app. The app is used for the digital delivery process and involves all parties involved. Here I was also able to improve my soft skills, such as my communication skills and people skills. After my dual study program ended in September and I've directly started in my follow-up position: as data analyst in the User Experience & Analytics team.

Young man with safety helmet, in the background an industrial building

Thomas Antoni

Data Analyst in the area of User Experience and Analytics at Heidelberg Materials

Thomas was a dual student at Heidelberg Materials until September 2021. He studied business informatics at DHBW Mannheim with a focus on application management. Today, he is continuing his journey at Heidelberg Materials as Data Analyst in the User Experience and Analytics Team.

Young man in shirt in front of an area of an office building furnished with bar table and plants

Thomas Antoni in the communication area of the headquarters.

Industrial building with round silo, next to it is a ready-mixed concrete truck.

Concrete Plant Ellenberg.

Young man at a desk with laptop, screen, keyboard and headset

Thomas Antoni at his workplace.

Young man with safety helmet, in the background an industrial building

Thomas Antoni.