Two coworkers are sitting and talking in the cafeteria

Social Responsibility

Employees and Employment

Around 51,000 women and men work for HeidelbergCement worldwide. Their achievements make us one of the leading companies in our sector. That’s why it is crucial to provide them with attractive working conditions. As a manufacturing company, we also attach particular importance to occupational safety and the protection of our employees’ health

Society and Corporate Responsibility

It is important to us that people in the areas surrounding our approximately 3,000 locations worldwide are involved in our business activity and benefit from our products as well as the jobs that we create. Our economic performance allows us to generate added value for local communities. In line with our principle “think global – act local”, we also take measures that protect the environment and promote social progress. 

Case Studies and Projects

  • Four women from Sierra Leone with colourful bags with lions on it

    From cement bag to fashion accessory

    Used cement bags from Heidelberg Materials' subsidiary Leocem in Sierra Leone and traditional African fabrics are being redesigned into fashionable carrier bags – the eye-catcher of the season! The bags are waterproof and tear-resistant and can carry heavy loads. They are also an excellent example of upcycling.
  • A person in a safety suit

    Italcementi celebrates 20 years of Zero Accidents

    Safety has always been an integral part of Italcementi’s operations. In order to consolidate its commitment to safety and to achieve further important goals, the company launched the Zero Accidents Project in 2000. The aim was to create a genuine safety culture and implement effective safety management. 
  • A group of volunteers with their rescue dogs in front of trucks

    Partners in action: Alex Fraser and Search and Rescue Dogs Australia Inc.

    Alex Fraser construction and demolition recycling facilities are an ideal training ground for search and rescue dogs
  • People with yellow bags on the beach

    Social commitment at our location in Safi, Morocco

    For almost 20 years, our subsidiary Ciments du Maroc has been active in the “Let our beaches smile” initiative in the Safi region.
  • Hands under a water tap

    Safe Water, Sanitation and Hygiene at the Workplace (WASH)

    HeidelbergCement signs WASH Pledge WBCSD
  • Woman with construction helmet standing on an industrial plant, concrete mixer trucks below

    Occupational health and safety – always close to where the action is

    People who come to one of our plants for the first time are often overwhelmed by the multitude of activity. There are heavy machines operating in the quarry, whose wheels alone are twice your height; the rotary kiln, in which limestone is burned at over 1000 degrees Celsius, causing you break out in a sweat even from a safe distance; the mixing plants, with so many cubic metres of concrete being mixed that no bakery in the world could compare; and, amidst of all this, our fleet of green trucks that deliver our products to their final destinations. It gets clear very quickly: Here is a lot of action taking place!