Mellowpark skate park in Berlin: concrete surface with outstanding concrete elements

A special concrete for a special project

A new meeting place for skating

The Mellowpark, opposite the stadium of Bundesliga football club Union Berlin, is a popular meeting place for young people. Now it has been enriched with a modern 700 square metre skate plaza. 

Revolutionary construction for perfect performance

Yamato Living Ramps chose our ready-mixed concrete for the skate park and applied it using an innovative wet spraying method. This avoided any unevenness where small wheels could get stuck on. They used our special concrete formula to create a mirror-smooth surface which was smoothed by hand in several stages – a construction method that allows for individual design and optimum riding characteristics. The result is a true skating paradise.

Team play outside the stadium 

1. FC Union Berlin, Adidas and the fashion label Iriedaily have jointly funded the project, including through the sale of a limited edition football jersey. The Skate Plaza in Mellowpark is therefore not only a meeting place, but also stands for a community bringing together sport, creativity and youth culture in an inspiring way.

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Mellowpark in Berlin built with sprayed concrete, green trees in the background

Sprayed concrete skate plaza. The Mellowpark offers various skate and BMX facilities, including ramps, bowls and street elements.

Before and after image, showing the creation of a skate ramp using sprayed concrete

Sprayed concrete skate plaza. Before and after: The sprayed concrete is moulded and smoothed by hand after application.

Mellowpark skate park in Berlin: concrete surface with outstanding concrete elements

Sprayed concrete skate plaza. Working with concrete using the wet spraying method enables customised design, resulting in smooth surfaces and therefore optimum driving characteristics.