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Dr Dominik von Achten standing, in dark blue suit and white shirt

Chairman of the Managing Board Dr Dominik von Achten

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Amorphous white-grey stones on a blue surface


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A green ready-mix truck stands to the right of a factory building, with a crane in between. In the foreground, from the research perspective, a person in protective clothing can be seen walking towards the truck.

Concrete Plant Wiesbaden 1

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Green ready-mix truck on industrial site, silos and a crane behind it

Concrete Plant Wiesbaden 2

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Green ready-mix truck in front of a silo, an industrial building and a crane

Concrete Plant Wiesbaden 3

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Construction workers on a construction site


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Dumper truck in a quarry

Dump truck in the quarry

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Cement works in a green landscape, a road in front of it

Geseke GeZero

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View into a large hall in shell construction, floor, ceiling and walls made of concrete, skylight comes through open semicircles at the ceiling

Heidelberg Congress Center

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Heidelberg Materials – atrium of the new headquarters

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