OTP Bank office building

Hungary’s largest commercial bank, OTP Bank, will provide thousands of people with office space and a concentrated unit with its new building.

Works on the new headquarters on Madarász Viktor Street in Budapest began in April 2019 and the site became ready for construction in May this year. Currently about 30% of the building, which in the future will be able to accommodate about 3,000 people, is completed.

Our company provided 40.000 m³ of concrete for the construction works. Over the course of the project C30/37-XC1-16-F4 and C30/37-XC3-16-F4 quality concrete products are being used. The estimated date of completion is November 2021.

Project Data

  • Market Építő Zrt.


  • 2021


  • Requirements: 40,000 m³ of concrete are required

    Additional facts

OTP Irodaház.

OTP Irodaház.

OTP Irodaház.