Enhancing pollinators

The plight of pollinators is well known and understood within Heidelberg Materials. This has resulted in a number of projects (>20) at our sites across the globe, focused on increasing pollinator populations through the provision of nesting and foraging habitat. Many of these projects have been undertaken through the Quarry Life Award or in partnership with local NGOs.

Action with key result data

  • Depending on the focus, developing honeybee colonies, development of insect houses and creation of wildflower meadows.
  • Provision of in-house advisory information to assist operations in maximising pollinator habitat.
  • There is also a strong educational element associated with these projects, many involving local communities/schools, and disseminating the results with local stakeholders. 

Biodiversity effect

  • Successful colonisation of insect houses.
  • Projects are in early stages so long term monitoring is not yet applicable. 

Bee hotel.

Limestone grassland.

Bee hotel.

Enhancing pollinators.